Working with the HSA

The Health and Safety Authority is an equal opportunities employer.

Equal Opportunities:

The Health and Safety Authority is committed, as an equal opportunity employer, to implement equal opportunities in all its employment policies, practices and procedures. 

As part of this policy we recognise that candidates with a disability may have particular requirements when attending for interview (e.g. access, seating, timing, lighting).  We will make appropriate arrangements to ensure that candidates' needs are accommodated - candidates may inform us of their personal requirements with their initial application or may contact the person designated in their invitation to attend interview.

Learning & Development:

The Authority is committed to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities so that staff can develop to their full potential.  We provide a structured induction programme for all new staff and each year a comprehensive Learning & Development Programme is provided based on our Strategy and Programme of Work objectives.  Staff are actively encouraged to pursue further education opportunities through our Refund of Fees Scheme.

Staff Wellbeing:

We have in place a comprehensive staff occupational health and wellbeing programme including an Employee Assistance Programme, healthscreening, health and nutrition advice, wellbeing talks etc.  We also recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance and offer a comprehensive range of work-life balance options in line with our business needs.


Pensionable public servants (new joiners) recruited on or after 1 January 2013 will be members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme.  The Single Public Service Pension Scheme applies to all pensionable first-time entrants to the public service, as well as to former public servants returning to the public service after a break of more than 26 weeks.  In certain circumstances, e.g. where the public servant was on secondment or approved leave or remains on the same contract of employment, the 26 week rule does not apply. The legislation giving effect to the Scheme is the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012.

For those who are not subject to the Single Public service Pension Scheme (e.g. those transferring from another public service employment where the break in service, if any, is less than 26 weeks), the terms of the Health and Safety Authority Superannuation Schemes will apply.

Health Insurance Scheme:

Members of staff may join a group scheme for voluntary health insurance. Contributions can be deducted from salary.

Trade Union:

All staff may join a recognised trade union appropriate to their grade.

PRSI Deductions:

All persons appointed since 6 April 1995 will be liable to pay the Class A rate of PRSI contribution except for certain persons recruited directly from the public sector.


We also provide access to the Cycle to Work Scheme and the Tax Saver Scheme.