Notification and Other Forms

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Industry Sector/CategoryFormDownload
AsbestosNotification form to be used for any work involving asbestos(pdf,53KB)
Biological AgentsForm of Notification for First Time Use of a Group 2/3 or 4 Biological Agent(pdf,40KB)
ConstructionApproved Form (AF 1)(pdf,515KB)
 Approved Form (AF 2) (Report AF2 online)(pdf,520KB)
 Approved Form (AF3)(pdf,520KB)
 Approved Form (AF4)(pdf,555KB)
Export and Import of Dangerous ChemicalsNotification form to be used when exporting chemicals listed in Annex I to Export Import Regulation (EC) No. 689/2008(pdf, 36KB)
Dangerous OccurrencesDangerous Occurrences (IR3) can be reported in two ways, namely by hard copy i.e. completing an IR3 form and posting it to the Workplace Contact Unit, Health and Safety Authority, Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Dublin
1 or reporting online
(pdf, 45KB)
Lifting EquipmentReport of Thorough Examination (Form GA1)(pdf, 467KB)
 Report of Weekly Examination (Form GA2)(pdf, 452KB)
Work at HeightInspection of Work Equipment for Work at Height (Form GA3)(pdf, 369KB)
DivingDiving Notification(pdf, 45KB)
MinesParticulars of Beginning to Operate a Mine(pdf, 13KB)
 Appointment of Person to be a Mine Manager(pdf 128KB)
 Appointment of Person to be a Substitute Mine Manager(pdf 128KB)
Report an Accident (IR1)Accidents can be reported to the Health and Safety Authority in two ways, namely by hard copy, i.e. completing the Incident Report Form (IR1) and posting it to the Workplace Contact Unit, Health and Safety Authority, The Metropolitan Building , James Joyce Street, Dublin 1, or reporting online, via the Health and Safety Authority's website.IR1 online
QuarriesSee Figure 1 on page 14 of the Safe Quarry Guidance Document