Sector Specific Advice on Slips, Trips and Falls on the Same Level

Specific HSA advice on slips, trips and falls is available for

Retail Slips, Trips and Falls

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From 2010 to 2016, 30% of over 1,600 HSA retail workplace visits found no slip, trip and fall risk assessment

"Shopper awarded €1.4m after slipping on grapes" (May 2016)

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Stairs, steps (and escalators), wet surfaces, cleaning, food spills and vehicles are involved in retail slips, trips and falls

Females are significant slip, trip and fall victims in retail

Non-workers are hurt in retail slips, trips and falls

Retail Ireland advise “it would appear that claims resulting from slips, trips and falls have risen” and “nearly 50% of all claims made against retailers are slips, trips and falls cases” (February 2013)