Safety report updates as required by COMAH Regulations 2015 - advice to operators

Legal Requirement

Under Regulation 11(3)(b) operators of existing establishments must send a safety report to the Central Competent Authority by June 1st 2016, unless the report sent before the 1st June 2015 already complies with paragraphs (1) and (2) of the Regulation and it remains unchanged.

What should you do?

You are required to submit the changed parts of the safety report in the format specified by the Central Competent Authority (CCA).

The Regulation makes clear that what is required here is a limited update and not a full periodic review.

The CCA has identified the significant changes that you should take into account in this update and they are listed in this form - which was recently revised, version 1.1 was released on 6th April 2016.

You may use this form to identify where the safety report may need to be updated and to record where the updates are addressed in the safety report.

The completed form can be sent to the CCA with the updated safety report: this will reduce the assessment time and should ensure the operator will be unlikely to incur additional charges above the minimum specified.

The CCA will accept this update of the safety report as an electronic document (i.e. a complete safety report document). It will not be necessary to send a hard copy as well, as the CCA will carry out only a targeted assessment on the items identified in the form.

If you are of the view that no update is necessary to your current safety report you should still submit the form by the due date, identifying where the changed elements identified in the form have been addressed in the existing safety report.

When is the deadline for submission?

The updated safety reports are to be sent to us by June 1st 2016. You will be provided with a secure link to upload the documents two weeks before the deadline.

Further Questions?

Contact your site inspector for advice or send an email to