“Safety Management Pack for Contractors Employing 20 or less Employees” (SMP 20)

The aim of the pack is to assist small contractors in establishing and maintaining an effective safety management system.  The pack gives details of statutory health and safety duties and provides guidance and tools to enable compliance with these duties.

This document is intended to be your road map to managing safety and health. The pack includes new guidance on basic risk assessment and worked examples intended to assist you in carrying out your own specific risk assessments. 


1. SMP20 E-Learning is now Live!

The SMP20 e-learning module now replaces the need for persons to attend a workshop. The e-learning module is divided into four simple sections and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  On successful completion of the e-learning module, you will receive a unique ‘Certificate Number’, which will enable you to order the pack. The link below will bring you to the e-learning module.

Please follow these simple steps:

Click SMP20 E-Learning to bring you to the module.

  • Complete the e-learning module, which takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • On successful completion print or take note of your unique 'Certificate Number' – Note you will not be able to order SMP20 unless you have a valid ‘Certificate Number’.
  • Contact the Health & Safety Authority on 1890 289 389 'Order Publications' and quote your unique 'Certificate Number'.
  • Have contact & payment details ready (pack price €47.50 incl. p&p).
  • Then please allow 5 working days for delivery.

2. Workshops

At present there are no workshops planned.

3. Updates & Downloads

SMP20 Electronic Forms

SMP20 Sample and Information Sheet

SMP20 Revision 1 Upgrade Pack (Please find attached revision one update pack which can be inserted into first edition copies of SMP20.)


4. Contact

Email: smp20@csponline.ie

Twitter: @cspsmp20

Web: www.csponline.ie