SSWP: Planning the Activity

This part will be completed by the person planning the activity. Normally this will be carried out by the supervisor/foreman and/or self-employed person prior to work starting. Where a site safety officer is employed they should be involved in the process.

  • Identify who the employer/self-employed person is, e.g. Acme Pipe Laying Ltd

  • Name of the Supervisor for the activity, e.g. A. McSample

  • Identify the number of workers in the team, e.g. 3

  • Identify the specific location of the activity, e.g. gridline x to gridline y

  • Describe the specific activity, e.g. pipelaying

  • When the work is to start, the date, e.g. Tuesday, 1st June 2005

  • What skills are required, e.g. 360 excavator driver, banksman, pipelayer, flag man

  • Plant and Equipment required, e.g. Fiat Hitachi EX200, Sling, Shackle

  • Hazardous Materials, if used, e.g. Acme Bondex XXX, R45

  • Contact Names & Tel No. in the event of an emergency, e.g. Site Foreman, Safety Officer

  • Name of the First Aider, and the location of the nearest First Aid Box

  • Are Permits to Work required? Tick type

  • Is a Method Statement required? Tick if required

  • The final section of this part: list requirements that are identified in the Construction Regulations and other Legislation as mandatory.

Note: For sites where more than 20 persons are normally employed at any one time, a site safety representative should be appointed.