Operation of Passenger and Goods Lifts

2009 Lift Safety Alert

Following a recent fatal accident involving operation of a goods lift, the Health and Safety Authority is asking all employers to ensure that the lifts on their premises have undergone the necessary thorough examination by a competent person.

The HSA would advise all employers in all sectors that passenger and goods lifts including pavement hoists and dumb waiters, are subject to requirements set out in chapter 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, [S.I No.299 and 732 of 2007].

Lifts must have a periodic thorough examination by a competent person every 6 months. Reports of such examinations shall be kept available for inspection by a HSA inspector.

All repairs required to lifts must also be carried out by a competent person.

Under no circumstances should goods lifts be used for carrying passengers unless they meet all the requirements for passenger lifts. All employees should be clearly instructed on the dangers of inappropriate use of goods lifts.

Lifts which are not designed for lifting persons shall be clearly marked to this effect.

Employers are required to maintain a register of lifting equipment which shall also be kept available for inspection by a HSA inspector.

Employers who currently have either passenger or goods lifts on their premises should ensure that they have undergone the required thorough examination and that the risks associated with the use of such lifts are addressed in the Safety Statement to ensure that these risks are controlled.

Details of the legislation can be obtained from Government Publications or online at www.irishstatutebook.ie or www.hsa.ie