Information Provided with Flooring

See our systematic approach to Slip Risk Assessment and Prevention

  • Designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers should be aware of their responsibilities under section 16 of the 2005 Act including the duty to provide or arrange for adequate up-to-date information on proper use, maintenance and cleaning of flooring
  • It’s important to ensure slip-resistant flooring has further useful information on slip-resistance, including information on work environments for which it most suited
  • Information Provided with Flooring (12 pages)
    • found it was very difficult to make comparisons between flooring products due to the number of tests used and specifications quoted
    • found that where test data was provided, often very little explanation was given and the lay person could be easily confused or misled
    • “… many manufacturers and suppliers do not give helpful additional information, such as the degree of slip resistance and the types of work environment for which their products are most suited
    • “... flooring suppliers should be influenced to place more emphasis on the slip resistance of their products, and to use more standardised ways of assessing slip resistance; this would allow customers to make comparisons and help them to select the most appropriate product for their needs”

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