Knife in Scabbard

Knives are used extensively within the fishing sector. Incorrect use and their use in an unstable work environment can result in serious injuries and even amputations. In addition, cuts can often become infected.

Using Knives

When using knives:

  • Select the correct knife for the work you are undertaking.
  • Use knives carefully and always concentrate on what you are doing.
  • Keep the knife sharp.
  • Ensure that the knife handle is secure and fixed rigidly to the blade. If it's loose tighten it or replace the knife.
  • Keep the handle dry and clear of grease. Wipe handles regularly with a cloth.
  • Work in front of your body so there is no need to twist. The knife action should always be away from your body or other hand.
  • Never attempt to catch a falling knife.
  • Don't leave them around the working area or stuck in a worktop. Always sheath or rack them.
  • Always stow your knife if you need your hands for some other task, even if it's only one hand.
  • Wash and clean knives separately from other items.
  • Take care then passing knives to another crew member.
  • Hold the knife by the handle and point it towards the deck when you walk or move.
  • Do not stab the knife into a chopping board as your hand may slip down the blade.