Reschedule Floor Cleaning to Control Slip Risks

  • Where possible, reduce the frequency of floor wet-cleaning. Consider replacing some planned wet-cleaning operations with dry cleaning
  • Reschedule floor wet-cleaning to a low-traffic time when no/few pedestrians are around
  • Reschedule floor wet-cleaning to allow maximum drying time before the floor is used again, e.g. clean the floor as the last operation before leaving the workplace so that it can dry overnight
  • Arrange the floor cleaning schedule in consultation with building operators and users

Cleaning notice

Assessment of Slip Risks from Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is an important part of Slip Risk Assessment and Prevention

risk assessment approach to Floor Wet Cleaning slips (trips and falls) can include the following steps

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Communicate
  3. Replace
  4. Reschedule
  5. Equip
  6. Segregate

See Cleaning Floors Further Information