What is WorkpositiveCI?

Work PositiveCI is brought to you by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), State Claims Agency (SCA), Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Network Ireland.  It is a FREE easy to use, innovative, confidential, psychosocial risk management process. It provides feedback on workplace stress, employee psychological wellbeing and critical incident exposure in the workplace. It delivers structured guidance enabling organisations to develop an action plan to mitigate against these stressors. Work PositiveCI will help you:

  • Identify psychosocial risks and opportunities across your workforce
  • Comply with current health and safety legislation
  • Develop an effective health and wellbeing action plan
  • Improve employee engagement and performance

It is easy to administer, completely confidential, and produces results. There is no software to download, the survey takes ten to fifteen minutes to complete, you can access results anywhere and the survey is free! Work PositiveCI is based around a simple four stage approach.

  • Prepare -  Build a business case, secure commitment and establish your steering group
  • Measure -  Identify risk and opportunity within your workplace using our the survey tools
  • Action Plan -  Explore and prioritise the key actions, develop your action plan
  • Review -  Review progress and revitalise your Action Plan

Driving positive change with your survey results is easy.  Confidential management reports identify risk areas and ways to improve employee wellbeing, enabling focused action to be taken. This can lead to high impact results, such as reductions in sickness absence and increased employee motivation.

Employers are obliged under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to ensure safe places of work for all employees, which covers mental as well as physical health and safety. Work PositiveCI helps employers comply with health and safety legislation at a national and European level.

The data is processed by an independent service provider in compliance with applicable Data Protection legislation.

New, upgraded free tool to assess your workforce!

It’s national self improvement time! January brings change and we have been planning our change for a year.

Work Positive, the only state backed, long term risk assessment tool for psychosocial hazards (Work-related stress) has had a make-over. The upgraded website is easier to use, produces quicker reports and is still free.

It’s still entirely confidential and voluntary. Take a look here.

Most progressive companies in Ireland are already active in the mental health space – could your employees use a retrofit? Upgrading your work systems to ensure employees feel psychologically safe and healthy makes for a healthier, better run company at all levels.

Take a look at Work Positive today. Make 2024 better for business, effective for employees.