Analysts and Laboratories

Asbestos Analyst

An Asbestos Analyst carries out air monitoring ( sampling), fibre counting and provides a site clearance certificate for reoccupation.

· Qualifications for example, BOHS P403 (air sampling), BOHS P404 (Clearance), RSPH Certificate for Asbestos AnalystsAsbestos Fibres

· Thorough knowledge of relevant Irish legislation

· Access to Laboratory which performs satisfactorily in RICE Scheme (see below)

· Maintains quality assurance and control procedures that conform with internationally recognised standards for asbestos analytical and inspection activities.

Please refer to Section 13 of the HSA Guidance Document.

Regular Inter-laboratory Counting Exchange (RICE)

The Health and Safety Authority require all laboratories who carry out asbestos fibre counting to participate satisfactorily in the RICE proficiency testing (PT) scheme administered by the Health and Safety Laboratory in the U.K. Participation in an independent proficiency- testing scheme plays an essential part in a laboratory’s quality control system. Performance reports for those Republic of Ireland (ROI) laboratories participating in the RICE PT scheme can be downloaded from the Health and Safety Laboratory website (Current ROI Laboratory Classification Report).

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Please refer to Section 13 of the HSA Guidance Document