Transport and Storage: Guidance and Information

HSA Publications

Safe Goods Reception Cover

Safe and Efficient Goods Reception for Road Freight

Produced in collaboration with the IRU and TYA, these guidelines promote safe and efficient deliveries and collections of road freight and also include examples of safe practice from throughout the road transport sector.

DGSA Guide Cover

Guidance on the Duties of a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)

This guidance is intended to inform Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) and those undertakings which need to appoint a DGSA, about the roles and responsibilities of a DGSA.

Other Useful Resources

Rollover Guide Cover

Rollover Prevention: Heavy Goods Vehicles

English translation of TYA (Sweden) guidance on preventing vehicle rollovers. 

roadsense guide cover

Roadsense Guide

These guidelines have been developed in conjunction with AVIVA insurance.