Protected Disclosures

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (2014 Act) provides the legal context for anyone to make what’s termed a ‘Protected Disclosure’ (PD) to the Health and Safety Authority in respect of matters under our remit. The 2014 Act makes provision for the protection of persons, from the taking of action against them, in respect of the making of certain disclosures in the public interest. 

Any PD Maker may make a PD where they believe they have information that shows one or more wrongdoings by their employer and such information came to their attention in connection with their employment. 

Once in receipt of a PD, the CEO Office will carry out a preliminary review of the content of the PD to determine the initial response. Where the PD is not a matter for which the Authority is prescribed, the office of the CEO will write to advise the PD Maker of this. Where the PD relates to a matter for which the Authority is prescribed then the appropriate steps to investigate the matter will be taken. 

To make a Protected Disclosure to the Health and Safety Authority, please contact our Workplace Contact Unit.