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The European Safety Council (ETSC) Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees (PRAISE) project, addresses key aspects of work related road safety. Its aim is to help employers understand road risks and secure high road safety standards for their employees.

PRAISE has developed a range of resources to help employers understand the main risks that employees face and create when using the road for work. The reports outline the issues and suggests ways to address specific risks with good practice examples and case studies.

Employer Resources

PRAISE Handbook on Managing Work Related Road Risks

The report outlines the main elements of work related road safety management as a means to address risks to employees who use the road for work. Tt outlines the business case for employer action on tackling the main risks to employees and how savings can be made and business productivity and effectiveness improved.

Report 9: Work Related Road Safety Programmes

Report 8:Driving for Work Managing Speed

Report 7: EU Social Rules and Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers
Report 6: Road Safety at Work Zones 
Report 5 Minimising In Vehicle Distraction 
Report 4: Safer Commuting to Work 
Report 3: Fitness to Drive 
Report 2: Fit for Road Safety: From Risk Assessment to Training 
Report 1: How can In-Vehicle Safety Equipment improve road safety at work? 


Business Case for Work Related Road Risk Management

Fact Sheet 8: Interview with Claire O'Brien. KTL Ireland

Fact Sheet 7: Interview with Kevin Warburton, TNT Express

Fact Sheet 6: Interview Damien Tillet of ASF

Fact Sheet 5: Interview with John Klee 3M Mobile Phone Policy

Fact Sheet 4: Interview with Transport for London

Fact Sheet 3: Road Safety Management at Fredsø Vognmandsforretning

Fact Sheet 2: Road Safety management at Suckling Transport

Fact Sheet 1: Road Safety management at DB Schenker