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Illness and Injury Statistics

The Public Administration and Defence sector (NACE O*) reports approximately 850 injuries each year to the Health and Safety Authority. This accounts for nearly 12% of all workplace injuries reported to the HSA each year.

Reported incidents indicate four main accident triggers in the Public Administration and Defence sector:

  • manual handling
  • slips, trips and falls
  • loss of control of means of transport (vehicle)
  • work related shock, fright and violence

Number and rates of work-related illness (any time lost) are also indicated in the statistics report at the link below.

Summary statistics Public Administration and Defence 2015.docx (size 47.1 KB)

*NACE O relates to government activities including public administration, defence etc. but does not include sectors such as Education and Health. For a full description of NACE O see the Eurostat guide.