Transition Unit image 2Choose Safety - Transition Year

 Young people at highest risk of accident or injury in the workplace.

Choose Safety is a core element of the Transition Year 'Student Safety in the Workplace'. This programme introduces students to the principles of workplace safety and health. It is aimed at Transition Year students  (and other senior cycle students) as a preparation for the world of work and is particularly relevant for those undertaking some form of work experience.

The Transition Year Programme is structured as a 45-hour course and includes:

Choose Safety plus work experience plus the e-learning course 'Get Safe – Work Safe. Workplace Health and Safety for Senior Cycle Students'

The Transition Year Programme aims to provide students with basic health and safety training as they go into the workplace both on work experience and through part time employment. The resources are provided free of charge to schools taking part in the Programme which is fully ratified by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA).

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