The Safety Statement

Fishing Vessel Safety Statement

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the employer (including self-employed persons) and persons in control of places of work must prepare a Safety Statement.

A Safety Statement is a written action programme for safeguarding the health and safety of those at work. It details how health and safety is managed in the workplace, which for fishing means the boat.

The Safety Statement is based on the principle that safety can be managed because most accidents and ill-health are foreseeable and can usually be prevented. The Safety Statement should be used to plan and control everything that is done in the workplace so that accidents don't occur.

Risk Assessment

By law, the Safety Statement must be based on the Risk Assessment of hazards in the workplace (i.e. the boat in fishing). The control measures and the resources necessary to reduce the risks to an acceptable level must be indicated. In addition, employee's duties and the responsibilities of key personnel in relation to safety, health and welfare must be documented. As part of the written health and safety programme, emergency plans and consultation arrangements should be documented.

To assist you in preparing your Safety Statement see the Fishing Vessel Safety Statement Template.