EU Commission updates 'readiness notice' to stakeholders on Detergent Regulation

24 July 2020: The EU Commission has updated its readiness notice to stakeholders to clarify the legal situation for the Detergent Regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period. This document reminds all interested parties of the legal situation applicable after the end of the transition period, while also explaining certain relevant separation provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement along with the rules applicable in Northern Ireland. Please also visit our Brexit webpage for more information.

EU Commission advises on post-Brexit Detergents Regulation

24 March 2020: The European Commission has published guidance for companies on the EU’s Detergents Regulation after Brexit.  Subject to any transitional arrangement, EU rules on detergents will no longer apply in the UK following Brexit. A report, entitled: Brexit – guidance to stakeholders on impact in the field of detergents, gives information on: responsibilities for importers; labelling; and approved laboratories.  Please see guidance:

ECHA Questions and Answers relating to Brexit