European Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2016-2017

The theme for the 2016/2017 campaign is "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages", a practical e-guide has been developed to help businesses manage safety and health at work for an aging workforce.

Europe’s workforce is ageing: by 2030, workers aged 55–64 are expected to make up 30% or more of the total workforce in many countries. The official retirement age is increasing in many Member States and, thus, many workers are likely to face both longer working lives and longer exposure to hazards at work as well as a changing world of work (e.g. flexible working arrangements, flexible working environment). To prevent higher incidences of ill health, efforts have to be made to ensure safe and healthy working conditions throughout the whole working life.

The challenges brought about by demographic change can lead to problems for companies and organisations such as general labour shortages, shortages of skilled workers and concerns about productivity and absenteeism. Employers in Europe also have a legal obligation to carry out risk assessments and to adapt work to the individual and discrimination based on age is explicitly prohibited. Most employers are interested in providing good and healthy workplaces for their employees and, by fulfilling their legal obligations and promoting safety and health for all ages, employers are likely to see reductions in staff turnover and improvements in productivity.

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