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Safety Representatives National Conference

The HSA are delighted to host a National Conference on Safety Representatives in Dublin Castle on the 12th of November 2024.


We welcome current Safety Representatives, employers, training organisations, instructors, professional health, and safety practitioners, those interested in occupational health and safety and anyone with occupational health and safety responsibilities.

The conference will include keynote speakers, panel discussion and round table discussions.

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The Occupational Health Division of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) invites you to this free webinar to help you foster, develop and sustain a psychologically safe work environment and improve the organisational climate so that employees feel enabled, supported and motivated to better do their jobs in a healthy and safe way.

Speakers from the HSA and ESB will share knowledge and insights from recent research as well as from case examples, to highlight ways for everyone to add to a workplace culture where growth is
encouraged and learning and improvement feed directly into better systems of work.

Guest Speaker Jennifer Grogan Senior Safety Culture & Leadership Partner at ESB will share ESB’s safety culture programme and specifically the leadership practices which foster psychological safety in teams and support a healthy, safe and inclusive workplace along with many other positive outcomes.

Who should attend?

This free webinar will benefit many types of profiles and backgrounds including: 

  • Supervisors/Managers 
  • Human Resource and People Managers 
  • Health & Safety Managers 
  • Safety Representatives 
  • Occupational Health Professionals 
  • Anyone with an interest in workplace behavioural change

What will you gain by attending?

  • Insights into what is psychological safety 
  • What are its benefits 
  • How to help foster it – leadership role 
  • Differences between psychological safety and general safety 
  • How to sustain a culture of psychological safety 
  • Key insights to help you start to identify mechanisms for psychological safety

Full information is available below

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Register Now: Managing Hidden Hazards: Human Behaviour at Work 

The Occupational Health Division of the Health and Safety Authority invite you to attend this free seminar which aims to raise awareness of less visible workplace hazards including psychosocial hazards, bullying, fatigue and violence and aggression. Attendees will hear expert and regulatory views on the management of these hidden and often challenging aspects of workplace behaviour in organisations.

There will be two in-person events in Limerick and in Dublin. Details on dates and registration are linked below. 

Why attend?

This in-person seminar will help delegates to:

  • recognise these less visible OSH issues and contributory causes,
  • understand the impact of these OSH
  • issues on the organisation and the individual,
  • know the HSA perspective including legal responsibilities,
  • know the components of effective management systems, good practice and the guidance and supports available,
  • consider the measurement of success in managing these areas, and
  • reflect on your own and your organisation’s approach to risk management in these areas.

Who should attend

All interested individuals or organisations of any size and of any sector, including;

  • Employers, managers, workers and safety reps from public and private sectors
  • Policy Makers
  • OSH research community
  • Health and Safety Supervisors
  • HR and People Managers
  • Occupational Health Professionals

Speakers and Topics

  • Patricia Murray, Senior HSA Organisational Psychologist /Inspector - Psychosocial Hazards
  • Ciara Kirwan, HSA Inspector - Bullying in the Workplace
  • Colleen Butler, Human Factors Specialist/ HSA Inspector - Worker Fatigue Risk Management
  • Paraig Earley, HSA Inspector - Workplace Violence and Aggression
  • Paul Daly, HSQE Operations Manager, Coffey Construction - Uncovering Hidden Hazards: An Industry Perspective

Event information:

Limerick Strand Hotel - Register for Limerick event here

Tuesday 21st May, 10am to 1:30pm

Please note registration at the event starts at 9:30am with opening remarks at at 10am

Spencer Hotel Dublin - Register for Dublin event here

Thursday 23rd May, 10am to 1:30pm

Please note registration at the event starts at 9:30am with opening remarks at at 10am