IS 10101 National Rules for Electrical Installations.

IS 10101 of 2020 gives a comprehensive set of requirements for the  requirements for design and  installation of electrical at voltages of 1000 Volt AC and below.

I.S. 10101:2020, has replaced ET 101:2008, and has been produced by industry experts who sit on the NSAI’s Electro Technical Committee (ETC/TC 2) “Electrical Installations”.  The standard includes requirements for design and installation of all types of installations including  housing, hospitals, agricultural buildings, caravans, construction sites, industrial premises and swimming pools. 

The National Rules for Electrical Installations are essential for electricians, inspectors and regulators as they specify the safety requirements for electrical installations in all types of premises in Ireland.  The revisions bring requirements in line with recent technical developments and best practice in Europe, including new technologies such as electric cars, adaptation for IT connections , and guidance on energy efficiencies.  

For details about transition arrangements from ET 101:2008 to I.S. 10101:2020 please refer to the Safe Electric website 

Safe Electric have developed a series of short informative videos to help industry learn more about the changes in the National Wiring Rules for Electrical Installations I.S. 10101:2020. Click the link to watch these short information videos.