Maintenance Work at Height

In the Quarry Industry there is often a need to carry out maintenance activities at height, examples of this would be work on inclined conveyor delivery rollers, motors and gearboxes or at crusher tipping points, tanks, vats and hoppers.

Where this type of work at height is necessary then a risk assessment should identify how the maintenance staff will access the area, and what is the most appropriate suitable system to allow the job to be done.

Every working platform to facilitate maintenance work at height needs to be sufficiently strong, properly supported and provided with double hand rails and a kicking board.

It is not acceptable for maintenance work to be carried out where a wheeled loader bucket is used as a working platform and this has been the cause of many accidents and fatalities.

Ladders are for short term access only. They are not working platforms and consideration should be given to the use of scaffolds or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS).

Many accidents occur because of debris left on walkways. Walkways should be kept clear, good housekeeping will reduce accidents.

Unsafe Maintenance Work at Height