Shotfiring Rules

Regulation 46 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations, 2008 requires the operator to ensure that suitable shotfiring rules are made and complied with and that the shotfiring rules set out procedures for the following:

(a)    shotfiring operations at the quarry,

(b)   appointing explosives supervisors, shotfirers, trainee shotfirers and storekeepers,

(c)    authorising other persons who will be involved with the storage, transport, use or disposal of explosives,

(d)   dealing with misfires,

(e)   disposing of surplus explosives, detonators, accessories and packaging.

The shotfiring rules and procedures at the quarry must set out arrangements for the appointment of explosive supervisors, shotfirers, trainee shotfirers, other persons such as sentries and, where appropriate, storekeepers for work with explosives at the quarry. The operator must make these appointments and authorisations depending on what is required by the shotfiring rules. All such appointments must be in writing and records of such appointments kept.

The shotfiring rules are the practical operating procedures, which are in place to ensure that shotfiring operations take place at a quarry with regard to the safety of the workforce and the public.

Detailed information on the contents of the Shotfiring rules is in Part 5 (Explosives), Page 63 of the SAFE QUARRY GUIDELINES TO THE SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK (QUARRIES) REGULATIONS 2008.