Safety Alert Product Nitro Motors Eco Cobra Quad

The Health and Safety Authority has been made aware of a compulsory product recall by the French Authorities of a Quad Bike intended for use by 14 to 16 year olds; See details in table below. Also see photographs attached. Refer also to RAPEX Alert No. A12/0012/14

This product does not conform to the requirements the Machinery Directive and the relevant European Standard EN 15997. Also the product design presents a serious risk of injury. It has been determined following an accident in France that it is possible for the driver’s feet to get caught between the back wheels and the footrest. The Health and Safety Authority has already identified one supplier of this product in Ireland who has agreed to a voluntary withdrawal.

If you have an affected Quad Bike please stop using it immediately, return it to your supplier and contact the number below for advice.


Health and Safety Authority

1890 289 389 (low call)

and/or email:

Quad Bike Detail





Type Number

Nitro Motors

Eco Cobra

HB-E ATV 800 A Model 800 Watts

Quad Bike Pic