Case Study 1 Barrel Handling Text Version

On Screen Text:
Warehouse worker manually handles large barrel

Scene 1
Character walks into shot in a warehouse environment, approaching a large barrel marked with a weight of 80kg. The character braces itself, hunched over the barrel, gripping both sides of the barrel.

Slowly and with great effort and strain the character tilts the barrel back slightly, and then forward using the weight of its own body, with the barrel held on a slight tilt, the character rolls the barrel on the edge of its base, out of screen.

On Screen Text:
Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task

  • Look at how the job is carried out
  • Collect information: load weight, etc,
  • Identify risk factors with the job
  • Make changes to improve the job
  • On Screen Text:

Risk Factors/Problems

Scene 2
Still image of character taken from scene 1, attempting to tilt the barrel forward by applying the full weight of his body. Large Red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job.

  • Physical effort is too strenuous
  • Difficult to grasp
  • Load is too heavy
  • Load is too large

On Screen Text
The new system of work: Assess risk to reduce manual handling

Scene 3
Character walks into shot  (warehouse environment) approaching a barrel mounted on a specialised trolley. The trolley consists of three wheels on a semi-circular base with a handle that extends upward from a base at the trolleys rear. A safety clip holds the barrel securely in place.

The character wheels the barrel out of shot on the trolley with some ease.

On Screen Text:
Manual Handling: Assess to avoid, Reduce or Reorganise