Case Study 7 Material Handling from Mezzanine Floor Text Version

On Screen Text:
Warehouse worker manually lifting a box down a stairwell

Scene 1
Warehouse worker carries the box down a stairwell from the mezzanine floor, loses balance and the box falls out of his hands.

On Screen Text:
Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task

  • Look at how the job is carried out
  • Collect information: load weight, etc,
  • Identify risk factors with the job
  • Make changes to improve the job

On Screen Text:
Risk Factors/Problems

Scene 2
Still image of the handler taken from scene 1. Large red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job.

  • Excessive carrying distance
  • The floor is uneven
  • Body is in an unstable posture

On Screen Text
The new system of work: Assess the risk to reduce and reorganise manual handling

Scene 3
The warehouse worker places the pallet in place at the mezzanine floor using the pallet truck and alternates the position of the mezzanine safety gate (yellow). The forklift truck then moves into position to access the pallet and transfers the pallet of product to ground level.

On Screen Text:
Manual Handling: Assess to Avoid, Reduce or Reorganise