Training & Strategic Alliances


Training is an essential part of ensuring that all farm and forestry workers are competent to perform their work. See a complete list of Health and Safety Training courses for the sector.

  • Additional information on tree surgery and arboriculture can be obtained from the UK Health & Safety Executive’s website
  • RBAI provides a 1 day Health and Safety Training course for the Veterinary and Veterinary nursing professions 

Strategic Alliances

The Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee was established to involve all industry stakeholders in improving occupational safety and health in Agriculture. This Committee supports and coordinates the majority of research and promotional activities in relation to farm safety. The work of the Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee is set out in Farm Safety Action Plans. 

  The committee comprises of the following five working groups.

  1. Behaviour, Education and Training (Chairperson Dr.John McNamara
  2. Health and Vulnerable Groups (Chairperson Pat Griffin)
  3. Tractor, High-risk Machinery (Chairperson Jim Dockery)
  4. Livestock Handling (Chairperson Ray Doyle)
  5. Buildings, work at Height (Chairperson Dr Robert Leonard)

Terms of Reference for Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee are as follows

  1. To identify and prioritise the key issues related to improving safety on Irish farms
  2. To identify the actions necessary to deal with these issues.
  3. To establish working groups/sub-committees to assist in the achievement of the agreed goals
  4. To set agreed targets for a reduction in injuries and an improvement in compliance with occupational safety and health in the sector
  5. To develop a national action programme, co-ordinating the actions of the representative organisations and assigning tasks
  6. To publicise, effect and monitor the programme
  7. To carry out appropriate research and liaise with relevant agricultural organisations

Teagasc and the Authority have established a Joint Prevention Initiative to

  • Develop, implement and evaluate the Agriculture Code of Practice
  • Establish and deliver half day training courses for farmers on completing the Agriculture Code of Practice
  • Organise National seminars/conferences on Farm Safety and Health
  • Organise joint Research projects on aspects of Farm Safety and Health

The Authority and ESB Networks work together on workplace safety issues.