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Role of the HSA in Land-use Planning (LUP)

The Directive requires that controls are in place on developments at qualifying establishments and in their vicinity. The planning & development regulations implement this aspect of the Directive. The HSA are required to provide technical advice to the planning authorities, either on a case-by-case basis or generically. Advice provided to the planning authority should be available from them on application, and in many cases is on their websites. The final planning decision rests with the planning authority.

Consultation Distance

On being notified of the existence of an establishment, the Authority formally writes to the relevant planning authority, advising them of a consultation distance for the establishment. The Authority recommends that developments within this consultation zone should be referred to it, for technical advice.

“consultation distance” means a distance or area relating to an establishment, within which there are potentially significant consequences for human health or the environment from a major accident at the establishment, including poten­tially significant consequences for developments such as residential areas, build­ings and areas of public use, recreational areas and major transport routes.

The Authority provides technical advice in response to a notice sent by a planning authority requesting technical advice on the effects of a proposed development on the risk or consequences of a major accident in relation to developments within the consultation distance and of the development type set out in Regulation 24(2).

The HSA has defined the boundaries of the Inner, Middle and Outer LUP zones around establishments, based on risk, as:

Chart of LUP Zones

Four development types have been identified to create an Individual Risk Matrix for LUP advice around establishments:

LUP matrix

Societal Risk

For some types of development, particularly those involving large numbers of people, it is likely that the deciding factor from the point of view of land use planning is the societal risk, i.e. the risk of large numbers of people being affected in a single accident. In Zone 4, the area between the boundary of zone 3 and the consultation distance notified to the planning authority, this will be the deciding factor.

Full details of the HSA approach to LUP advice.