A formal notification must be made to the Authority if an operator exceeds, or can anticipate exceeding, the thresholds set out in Schedule 1 of the regulations.

The information to be put in the notification is set out in Regulation 8. An electronic notification form is now available and notifications will only be accepted by the Authority using this form. A guidance document to assist in completing the notification form has been prepared and both it and the form are available to download below.

Electronic Notification Form

Guide to Completing the Notification Form

A sample electronic notification form is available here

The notification submission timelines are set out in the Guide to the COMAH Regs 2015.

Notification updates

An operator must inform the Authority in writing in advance of the following events:

  • any significant increase or decrease in the quantity or significant change in the nature or physical form of the dangerous substance present, or any significant change in the processes employing it
  • the modification of an establishment or an installation which could have significant repercussions on major accident hazards
  • permanent closure of the establishment or its decommissioning
  • changes in information relating to:
    • the name or trade name of the operator
    • the full address of the establishment
    • the registered place of business of the operator or the full address
    • the name or position of the person in charge of the establishment

Timelines for submission of COMAH documentation

Accident / Incident Notification

See Reporting COMAH Accidents page.