Fatal Accident Statistics

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Fatal Accident Statistics 2002 - 2012

Between 2002 - 2012 there were:

  • 24 fatal incidents involving 42 deaths.
  • All victims were male.
  • The main cause of death was drowning, followed by hypothermia.
  • The main cause of fatal incidents being the vessel taking on water, capsizing and sinking.
  • The next most common fatal incident cause was being entangled in nets or other gear and being dragged overboard.
  • The average age of those who lost their lives was 38.
  • January was the worst month for both fatal incidents and fatalities.
  • Potting was the most dangerous work activity accounting for 9 of the 24 fatal incidents.
  • Fishing vessels < 15 metres accounted for nearly half of the fatal incidents.
  • Although possible underlying causes could not be conclusively established in a lot of the incidents and a combination of causal factors may have contributed to the incidents, possible factors included unsafe systems of work, overloading of the vessel, modification of the vessel resulting in stability issues, slips, fatigue, lack of edge protection, inappropriate footwear, disconnected bilge alarms, failure to wear personal flotation devices and lack of safety training.









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