Safety Alert

Vehicle Scissor Lifts

The Health and Safety Authority is issuing this safety alert to warn owners and examiners of vehicle service lifts (scissor type) of the potential for hairline cracks. It follows the detection of hairline cracks in vehicle scissor lifts, type “Duo” manufactured by Maha, revealed during thorough examination of the lifts.

The Authority is bringing this safety alert and relevant information to the attention of owners and users of these vehicle scissors lifts and to maintenance and inspection personnel.


Maha vehicle scissor lifts, type “Duo”


Any person working underneath a raised vehicle lift is at serious risk of crush injuries if the lift fails.

The cracking in the Maha “Duo” vehicle scissor lifts appears to have occurred towards the end of the life cycle of the lifts. The cracks are located at the cross member interconnection (See photograph 1) and take three forms:

  • Circular cracking around the bushing collar - see photograph 2.
  • Cracking from the bushing collar into the lift leg - see photographs 3 and 4.
  • Combination of above.

The Authority is advising owners and operators of Maha “Duo” type lifts who may not have had their lifts inspected, to ensure that they are inspected immediately.

The Authority also advises lift maintenance and inspection personnel to be aware of the hairline cracks detected in Maha “Duo” lifts and to check vehicle scissors lifts for these cracks immediately and on an ongoing basis during inspection and thorough examination, throughout its life cycle.

Owners and operators of vehicle lifts of all types are reminded that:

  • all structural parts of lifting equipment must be visually checked at regular intervals, and
  • vehicle service lifts must be thoroughly examined by a competent person at least every 12 months.

Maha have contacted all their customers of “Duo” lifts to inform them of the detection of hairline cracks in the Duo+1 type and Maha representatives will also be visiting Duo customers in the near future.


  • During inspection and maintenance, the lift must be secured/propped to prevent inadvertent movement.
  • No person should be in the lift area during the raising and lowering cycles of vehicle lifts.
  • Refer to the vehicle lift user manual for safety information.

Photograph 1


Photograph 2


Photograph 3


Photograph 4


Further Information

For further information please contact the Health and Safety Authority on 1890 289 389 or email

Maha Ireland can be contacted by email at or on their website at