Distributors taking up the role of importer are within the scope of a DCG solution

To ensure a steady supply of substances critical to EU businesses, the Directors’ Contact Group (DCG) has agreed to extend its solution to issue 21 to distributors. This solution relates to substances with no registration intentions from an EU manufacturer or importer and was originally applied to downstream users.

The DCG issue 21 states that downstream users may step up and register their critical substances themselves, if no registration is planned by an EU manufacturer or importer. In practice, many downstream users approach their suppliers, who are EU-based distributors of chemicals, to take up the importer role. Therefore, the DCG has decided to explicitly include the distributors within the scope of the solution.

If a distributor applies for the DCG solution due to difficulties in obtaining all the required information for their substance registration by the 31 May 2018 deadline, ECHA will assess their case. Based on the evidence about their specific circumstances, the Agency will give the distributor a reasonable timeframe to complete their registration.

ECHA’s web pages on the DCG issues have been updated accordingly.

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