EU LIFE - funded project AskREACH

Please find below a request by the EU LIFE - funded project AskREACH, which is aiming to develop tools that support the implementation of Art. 33, in particular for consumer information.  Companies supplying articles can provide important input to the project by filling in the online questionnaire provided under the link below. 

The German Environment Agency (UBA) is running a survey for suppliers of consumer articles in the context of the EU LIFE project AskREACH. The project will assist companies in providing information about harmful substances in articles to consumers. The survey consists of questions on environmental, regulatory and economic issues. All the data collected will be used for the purposes of the project only. The questionnaire is anonymous and should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete.

For more information on the project please click on the link at the end of the questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire first so that your answers will be unbiased. Please find the questionnaire here:

Thank you for your participation!

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