Electricity and Healthcare

Plug Socket

Electricity is used on a daily basis. However, if uncontrolled or misused it can severely burn, injure or kill you or cause fires with devastating results. However, the majority of electrical faults can be seen by visual inspection.

Simple Electrical Safety Rules

  • Ensure electrical equipment is suitable for the working environment (especially if it is or could be wet, corrosive, flammable or subject to impact damage).
  • Connect all equipment to fixed mains sockets, where possible.
  • Ensure that all socket circuits are protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD).
  • Test the RCD on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the use of extension leads and multiple adaptors.
  • Never swap equipment leads between devices.
  • Have a recorded inspection and maintenance programme for all electrical equipment.
  • Train staff to carry out visual inspections for damage (such as exposed wires and scorching on plugs, leads and cables) and report faults.
  • Take faulty equipment out of use immediately until repaired. Clearly label as faulty or remove the plug to prevent use.
  • Never clean or adjust appliances when the power is switched on.
  • Never touch light switches or appliances with wet hands.