Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS)

The Health and Safety Authority is highlighting to the construction industry the importance of Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS).  It has come to the Authorities attention that ROPS are being supplied to the market that do not comply with the relevant standards. A Roll Over Protection System or ROPS is designed to reduce the possibility of a seat belted operator being crushed should the machine roll over. Failure to provide a Role Over Protective System on earth moving machinery can lead to serious injury or death for the operator.

The Safety Health and Welfare at work Act 2005 and Safety Health and Welfare at work (construction) Regulations 2006 require that all ROPS comply with Machinery Directive 98/37 and subsequent revisions. The Machinery Directive requires that all ROPS be designed, manufactured and tested to recognised standards. ROPS must comply with BS EN 474-6:2000, BS EN 13510:2000 and ISO 3471:1994.  

What do I look for?

ROPS must be labelled in accordance with the above standards. The label should be of a permanent type and permanently attached to the structure. The label should hold the following detail.

  • Name and address of ROPS manufacturer
  • ROPS Identification number (if any)
  • Machine Make/Model that ROPS is suited to
  • Machine Mass that ROPS is designed for, and
  • other info as deemed appropriate


If your ROPS does not have this label and information attached you should contact the supplier immediately. Employers must satisfy themselves that the ROPS is compliant with the above standards.

Example of ROPS label.example image of ROPS label

For further information please refer to HSA information sheet Use of Mobile Machinery on Construction Sites