Trailers with Tipping Body

Following a fatal accident in which an agricultural worker was trapped between a trailer body and chassis of a silage trailer, being lowered from the tipped position, the HSA advise as follows:

The space between the trailer body and the chassis should never be entered while the trailer is being lowered or raised. If access to this general area is required for any reason, the trailer should either be in the lowered position or if raised, the trailer should be suitably propped. Clear instructions to this effect should be given to others who work with or on such equipment.

Owners of silage trailers with detachable trailer stands should consider where the most suitable location for their storage when not in use is. The practice of storing them under the trailer chassis should be reviewed in view of the fact that it requires access to an area where there can be a higher risk of being trapped by moving parts.

If not already fitted, the use of “hold to run “controls should be considered as this provides better supervision of the trailer lowering movements.

The trailer manufacturer should be consulted before making any changes to machinery.

The manufacturer’s manual should be available to those working with these machines.

Further information on machinery hazards can be found in Section 6 ‘Vehicle and Machinery’ in the Code of Practice for Preventing Injury and Occupational Ill Health in Agriculture, available on the HSA website at .