Safety Alert regarding Genie MEWPs

Models covered by this alert

  • Genie Z135/70: Z13505-101 to Z135-1863; and

  • Genie Zx-135/70: Z13513-2002, Z13513-2008, ZX13513-2001 to ZX13515-2563

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has been made aware of safety notice issued by Genie (#140019) about mandatory checks related to the safe use of a number of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) that it manufactures. The HSA understands that the manufacturer issued a safety notice on the 22nd January 2015 requiring platform levelling valve kits to be ordered and utilised to correct the safety issues. A photograph of a typical unit is shown below.

The HSA understands that the safety notice came about after incidents where the platform levelling valve malfunctioned due to contamination of the hydraulic oil. The platform levelling valve may cause the platform to become unlevel if the procedure involving the kit is not employed.

The HSA is advising all owners, who have not responded to the company safety notice, to take the advice of the manufacturer which is to remove these machines from service immediately and to contact the manufacturer for advice. 

Contact details for further Information: Terex Genie,, UK 00441476584333

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