Competent Authority Exemptions

Competent Authority Exemptions are used for temporary derogations, generally for specific dangerous goods, from national transport provisions only. They are usually initiated by the consignor or carrier, and must specify the nature, control measures, conditions and duration of the exemption.

Requests for Competent Authority Exemptions may be made by completing a Form for Application, which can be emailed to the Authority at

Current Exemptions issued under European Communities (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment) Regulations 2011, as amended:

Exemption No.

Detailed title

Valid From

Date of Expiry

Exemption 08/2022

Carriage of Clinical Waste (UN 3291)

21 November 2022

31 March 2023

Exemption 05/2022

Exemption for tank LT0895 from the provisions of

27 June 2022

27 June 2025

Exemption 04/2022

Carriage of empty uncleaned packaging waste

18 May 2022

30 Sept 2023

Exemption 10/2021

Exemption from the requirements of ADR with respect to the hierarchy of tanks for the carriage of UN3336

01 September 2021

29 August 2024

Exemption 04/2021

Carriage of articles or inner packagings of any type for solids or liquids assembled in outer packaging

21 January 2021

30 June 2023

Exemption 06/2020

Exemption from the requirements of ADR 6.8.2 with respect to the certificates of type approval and initial inspection and test

23 December 2020

05 October 2023

Exemption 04/2020

Exemption from the requirements of ADR with respect to the date of performance of the intermediate inspection of a tank

23 October 2020

06 March 2023