Class 6.2 Infectious Substances

The World Health Organisation (WHO) publishes guidance, on a biennial basis, which provides information for identifying, classifying, marking, labelling, packaging, documenting and refrigerating infectious substances for transportation and ensuring their safe delivery.

The current edition of the publication (2021 - 2022) provides practical guidance to facilitate compliance with applicable international regulations for the transport of infectious substances by all modes of transport, both nationally and internationally, and includes the changes that applied from 1 January 2021.

WHO Guidance on regulations for the transport of infectious substances 2021 - 2022

Carriage of infectious substances assigned to UN3373

The Authority has produced an information note on provisions governing the carriage by road of infectious substances assigned to UN No. 3373, BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CATEGORY B, specifically in relation to the packaging of such substances in accordance with ADR packing instruction P650. 

The information note will serve to provide guidance to consignors in the healthcare sector, as well as to those in the private and voluntary nursing homes sector and other voluntary bodies, to facilitate compliance with the regulations.