Intermediate Temporary Storage

Interpretation of the exclusion related to ‘directly related temporary intermediate storage’ in the COMAH Regulations (S.I. 209 of 2015)

Regulation 3(3) of the Chemicals Act (Control of Major Accidents Involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations, S.I. 209 of 2015 sets out a number of exclusions from application of the Regulations. A guide to the COMAH Regulations is available here

Regulation 3(3(c) excludes: the transport of dangerous substances and directly related intermediate temporary storage by road, rail, internal waterways, sea or air outside establishments defined in Regulation 2(1), including loading and unloading and transport to and from another means of transport at docks, wharves or marshalling yards;

A guidance document on Intermediate Temporary Storage has been published by the Central Competent Authority and is available for download here.