Safety Alert re Filling of LPG Cylinders

Photograph 1: LPG Cylinder (test date location)

Picture of an LPG Cylinder with the location of the test date marked


The Health and Safety Authority (The Authority) are issuing a warning to all employers who are involved in the filling of LPG cylinders.

This warning follows a fatal accident where the contents of a ruptured cylinder ignited causing fatal burn injuries to an employee.

The examination of the cylinder in question revealed

  1. The cylinder had been grossly overfilled.
  2. The pressure relief valve designed to prevent over pressurisation was badly corroded and failed to open.

The investigation also revealed that the cylinder and relief valve were past their 10 year expiry for re-testing. All such cylinders are required to be thoroughly inspected every 10 years and the test date is clearly marked on the cylinder (see Photograph 1). The cylinder should not have been filled unless it underwent a re-inspection by an authorised test centre to ensure it was safe to remain in use before refilling.

The Authority is advising any employer involved in the filling of LPG cylinders to ensure the following

  1. Employees are suitably trained on the correct filling procedure for the cylinder types that they are using. The employer should consult the appropriate gas company to obtain the correct procedure and necessary training.
  2. Check cylinder for defects before filling as per gas company instructions.
  3. The last test date on the cylinder is checked. This will either be stamped on the base ring or the collar. If the date is more than 10 years old, quarantine the cylinder and return to the appropriate gas company for re-inspection.