Safety Alert Bosch Grinders GWS20 and GWS22 Manufactured June-August 2016

The Health and Safety Authority has been made aware of a safety-related product recall by Bosch Power Tools for angle grinders.

The recall affects the following angle grinders (Products);

  • series GWS 20, and GWS 22 from the production period June through to August 2016

Bosch grinder1

The company has ascertained that, due to a faulty component, the cutting or grinding disc together with the fastening fixture (spindle) could become detached during operation on a number of angle grinders. This could lead to serious injury to operators or others.

Bosch has decided to recall all potentially affected products with immediate effect.


The Products listed in the tables below are affected: Products manufactured of Series GWS 20 and GWS 22, from the production period June through to August 2016. They can be identified in the following ways;


Part no.

Manufacturing year/month (see packaging label explanation below)

GWS 20


06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)

0601850M…       06018501…        

06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)


07-11.2016 (607,608,609,610,611)

GWS 22

0601881…           1607000…          

06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)


07-11. 2016 (607,608,609,610,611)

On the tool’s original packaging:

The first digit of the number outlined in red indicates the production year, the next two digits indicate the production month.  A product with the numerical sequence 510 was therefore manufactured in October 2015 (“5” for the year 2015 and “10” for the month October). Accordingly, the number outlined in this case indicates the manufacturing month June 2016 (“6” for the year 2016 and “06” for the month June).

Bosch grinder 2

On the type-plate (found on the tool itself):

The following photo and table shows the location of the type-plate and the format of the information contained on it.

                                       Bosch Grinder 3


Device Product   number

Serial number

GWS 20-230 H

3601H50102 / 3601H50L01 / 3601H50L03 / 3601H50L62 /   3601H50L72 / 3601H50L73

606… - 608…

GWS 22 - 180 H

3601H81102 / 3601H81L02 / 3601H81L62 / 3601H81L72

606… - 608…

GWS 22 - 230 H

3601H82103 / 3601H82L03 / 3601H82L63 / 3601H82L73

606… - 608…

What to Do

With immediate effect, the angle grinders involved should no longer be used or provided to others. Should you stock or have resold a potentially affected Product or passed it on to others, you are requested that you follow the process set out below in steps 1 to 4 and pass this safety warning on to any Product recipient as quickly as possible.

1. Check stock

Please check your stock immediately to determine whether you still have any Products. If you have any Products in stock, please ensure that:

  • the Products are not resold;
  • inform Bosch of the existence of the Products by calling the Bosch Service Centre on 00800 83 646 704; and
  • do not dispose of the Products.

Bosch will advise you regarding the return of products.

2. Information to end user

Please send this alert with the heading “Important Safety Information” to your end-users where you know the address of the end user (e.g. from sources such as customer cards, loyalty promotions, online orders, and newsletter or other mailing lists).

Alternatively, Bosch can contact the end-user directly about the recall. If you would prefer this option, please provide Bosch with the contact information of the end user via the email address above.

3. Commercial Customers

In the event that you have sold Products to any commercial customers (wholesalers, online retail platforms, commodity exchanges, etc.), please forward this Alert to them and request that they in turn forward a copy of the Alert to any of their customers.

4. Feedback

Bosch request that you could inform them as promptly as possible of the measures that you have taken and of the status of those measures.

Consumers can check online whether their angle grinder is affected on the website. If affected, owners should call, as soon as possible, the Bosch service number 00800 83 646 704.

Bosch has advised of the following contact details for those with queries and those wishing to arrange replacement of the potentially affected grinders. 

Contact details

Service hotline: 00800 83 646 704


Bosch Agent in Republic of Ireland.


Magna Dr,

Magna Business Park,

Dublin 24, D24 VE8N

Phone: 01 4667000